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the knowledge within the line

critical text of the group exhibition O Saber da Linha. 2015



Tchelo’s research began with paper and lines. First they came with pen and graphite, then with ink, and then finally it won space. Of course, the new procedures didn’t induce the artist to stop working with the previous ones.


By repeating guidelines on a role, Tchelo seems to seek equality in unequal elements. A line drawn by hand will never be repeated, because what builds it is not the movement of the pencil, pen or brush. These drawings reveal that it is the body as a whole that moves to trace the line, and this movement always results in a new element. The tangency and forms are the result of a mental and body effort at the same time.


In his most recent work, the artist researchs the annulment of these human procedures by letting the charcoal trace the space thanks to the weight and twist of the burnt wood. With this procedure the artist explains that the drawing, the line and the trace are born from the movement of bodies.



Paulo Gallina

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